Eduardo Rojas - Classical Piano Rebel
  • Beethoven said, he expected his music to be played exactly as he intended. We trust he would be smiling now.

    Eduardo Rojas plays Beethoven. CD coming soon.

  • Much-performed music needs different approaches in order to survive

    Bernard Holland on Claudio Abbado in The New York Times

  • The enchanted continent captured in sound by one of its gifted sons. "Regenwald" - melodies from the rain forest.

    In the studio right now.

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Eduardo Rojas

Video: El Choclo - Tango for Three

LIVE at the Basically Beethoven Festival Dallas

Eduardo Rojas

Video: Exquisite Moments

LIVE at the Basically Beethoven Festival Dallas

Eduardo Rojas

Video: Eduardo Rojas plays Gershwin

Three Piano Preludes

Eduardo Rojas

Video: Eduardo Rojas plays Rachmaninoff

Prelude in B flat Major, Op. 23 No. 2

Eduardo Rojas

Video: Eduardo Rojas plays El Choclo

by Ángel Villoldo - piano arr. by Eduardo Rojas

Eduardo Rojas

Video: Eduardo Rojas plays Frédéric Chopin

Valse in A-flat, Op. 69, No. 1 "L'Adieu"

Eduardo Rojas

Video: Valentine's Day 2014

Ludwig v. Beethoven: Für Elise

Eduardo Rojas currently resides in Dallas, Texas, USA.
Eduardo Rojas is a Bösendorfer Artist. He plays the 290 "Imperial" concert grand piano.
Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik
My first love is music -
then comes the piano, then ...
Eduardo Rojas.

The Music

Music is not just what we hear, but more so, what we feel.

Live Performances

"The only time I am truly alive is on stage in front of my audience." - Eduardo Rojas.

Upcoming Performances

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To unite European, North- and Latin-American traditions of music has been a life-long desire of mine.
Eduardo Rojas


What the world has to say...

Basically Beethoven Festival: Classical music: Pianist, soprano shine at Basically Beethoven

by Scott Cantrell, Dallas Morning News, July 13, 2014

Along with our lawns and gardens, Dallas’ classical-music scene pretty much dries up in the heat of July and August. But the Fine Arts Chamber Players’ free Basically Beethoven concerts, now at the Dallas City Performance Hall, have proved blessedly heat-resistant. Devotees did a good job of filling the hall Sunday afternoon to hear pianist Eduardo Rojas, and, in a “rising star” recital, soprano Audra Methvin. I certainly haven’t attended every concert in the last 15 years, but this was the first solo-piano recital I remembered in the July series. It was also the first in my memory to include dancers.

A native of Colombia with an already impressive résumé, .... He’s clearly a pianist with considerable skill and force of personality.

In Beethoven’s first piano sonata, in F minor (Op. 2, No. 1) Rojas didn’t hesitate to shift tempos to different textures, giving generous time for new material to sink in...

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Theater Jones Review: Shades of Tango | Evolution Tango | Courtyard Theatre Plano - Tango is the Star

by Teresa Marrero, Theater Jones, April 19, 2014

While it is easy to be seduced by tango dancing’s sensuality and energy, it was rewarding to see that the show featured the music itself. Stellar performances were displayed by virtuoso pianist Eduardo Rojas (concert pianist and music director), Mark Landson on violin, and Esteban Rojas on bass. Roberto Furlong, father of dancer George Furlong, an accomplished musician, played acoustic guitar solos. Several of the instrumental pieces, such as ‘Desde el Alma’ by Osvaldo Pugliese (Argentina, 1905-1995) and ‘Libertango’ and ‘Adiós, Nonino’ (piano solo by Rojas) by Astor Piazzola (Argentina, 1921-1992) were performed without dancer accompaniment, brilliantly placing the spotlight on the virtuosity of the musicians and the music itself. Particularly rich were the sounds of Furlong’s guitar solos, and emotionally arresting the piano solo by Rojas, Landson on violin and E. Rojas on bass.

The last word goes to the musicians whose virtuosity elevated this show to even higher ground. This is the trio of Rojas, Rojas and Landson’s fourth year of association with Evolution Tango. They wowed the appreciate audience; Eduardo Rojas’ passionate solo rendition of Piazzola’s eulogy to his father, Adios, Nonino, had the crowd on its feet in a mid-concert ovation.

In a brief pre-concert interview I asked Eduardo, a Colombian-born, Texas Christian University-trained classical concert pianist, his opinion of Piazzolla’s music. As connoisseur readers will recall, Piazzolla was a controversial figure in his day, accused by traditionalists of “destroying” tango music. “Piazzolla is contemporary, modern; he broke the traditional harmony schemes. He introduced classical elements to tango music and counter points from jazz. He is the perfect mix of intellect and feeling. His passionate music reaches people at a deeply emotional level. His driving beat takes you on an emotional journey.” And Rojas, a rising international figure, did just that.

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La Tergera, Chile
Diario ADN Bogotá

Artist Profile

Eduardo Rojas ... the perpetual spring of passion.

The Gift of Music

Eduardo Rojas was born with the gift to see the world in terms of music and to bring it to life with his fingers dancing across the black and white keys of the piano. His greatest desire in life is to share this gift with the world.

With a passion and fire, which give away his Latin American heritage, he mines the treasures of compositions from around the globe to discover and develop his unique voice and expression, his very own language for a life-long dialog with his audience.


"There is obviously the huge drive and relentless passion...

...which often combine for greatness. A passionate lover with a dark mysterious past..." Veteran music critic Laurence Vittes (Huffington Post) remarks after interviewing Eduardo Rojas at the Bogota Beethoven Festival. What a fitting way to bring Rojas' stage persona to the point. Seldom was there a young man so full of life and passion to take the stage, deliver idea-shattering performances of the most challenging piano repertoire just to moments later mingle and laugh with his fans at artist meet-and-greets.

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Photography by J. Michael Potter | Eduardo Rojas' Bösendorfer 290 "Imperial" is prepared by master concert technician C. Douglas Parsons.