Eduardo Rojas - Classical Piano Rebel
  • Beethoven said, he expected his music to be played exactly as he intended. We trust he would be smiling now.

    Eduardo Rojas plays Beethoven. CD coming soon.

  • Much-performed music needs different approaches in order to survive

    Bernard Holland on Claudio Abbado in The New York Times

  • The enchanted continent captured in sound by one of its gifted sons. "Regenwald" - melodies from the rain forest.

    In the studio right now.

Artist Profile

Eduardo Rojas ... the perpetual spring of passion.

Eduardo Rojas Virtuoso Pianist

To be an Artist means to be free!

In a time when the fate of (classical) music seems to be decided mainly by institutions, organizations, corporations and government interests it remains an inconvenient truth that the impulse and energy that keeps our cultural treasures alive and well comes from individuals who stubbornly trust, believe and know that their art is relevant, that it has meaning, that it is a power to be reckoned with. These rare true artists have always been and will always be the ones shaping the future of our culture with the works they pry from the hands of eternity for the rest of us to cherish, admire and enjoy. Eduardo Rojas is one of these artists.

A passionate Lover with a dark mysterious past

The above quote was coined by veteran music critic Laurence Vittes (Huffington Post) after interviewing Eduardo Rojas at the Bogota Beethoven Festival. What an interesting way to bring Rojas' stage persona to the point. Seldom was there a young man so full of life and passion to take the stage, deliver idea-shattering performances of the most challenging piano repertoire just to moments later mingle and laugh with his fans at artist meet-and-greets.

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Bösendorfer Klavierfabrik
Eduardo Rojas is a Bösendorfer Artist. He plays the 290 "Imperial" concert grand piano.
Eduardo Rojas currently resides in Dallas, Texas, USA.

Live Performances

"The only time I am truly alive is on stage in front of an audience" - Eduardo Rojas.

Eduardo Rojas Virtuoso Pianist

It takes a bold soul to step out in front of God and man and let uncensored feelings pour through him that are drawn from the notes on the page before him as much as from the depth of his soul. Every strike of a key hails to those who have gone before us and promises the ones who dare to follow his path. It is little wonder that tears are often shed at Eduardo Rojas concerts and recitals, when waves of unbridled passion are unleashed upon a sometimes unsuspecting audience.


Listening to Eduardo Rojas is a crash course in music appreciation for anyone who is so inclined. No matter if he paints a masterpiece in all nuances of the European Classical repertoire or bares his soul in the songs of his Latin American heritage, the discovery of the never-heard as well as the familiar-yet-new-again will keep every attentive listener in his spell until the last note has run its course.


Upcoming Performances

Date Program Location

April 18, 2014

April 19, 2014

“Shades of Tango” Experience the beauty and diversity of Argentine Tango.
With star Tango dancers Hugo Patyn and Celina Rotundo, Jairelbhi and George Furlong, Rosario Chavez and Alex Ancheta, Victoria Lim and Cosmin Spiridon

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The Courtyard Theater Plano, Texas
1509 H Ave
Plano, TX 75074
(Get Map)
April 15, 2014

“Temporada Internacional de Música Clásica”
Piano Recital: Beethoven, Rachmaninov, Piazzolla, Villa-Lobos and more

More information...

Teatro Municipal de Las Condes,
Santiago de Chile
March 16, 2014

W. A. Mozart Piano Concerto No. 24 (C minor)
guest soloist with Great Lakes Chamber Orchestra

Conductor: Maestro Carlos Andrés Botero

More information...

Read about it in the Petoskey News

Charlevoix High School,
Charlevoix, MI

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My first love is music -
then comes the piano, then ...
Eduardo Rojas.

The Music

Do I express music through my playing, or do I express myself through music?

Eduardo Rojas Virtuoso Pianist

Music has to be an emotional experience...

...otherwise it is just pretty noise. Eduardo Rojas celebrates this idea every time he sits down at the piano.

We envy every woman, man or child...

...who for the first time listens to Eduardo Rojas play. What a thrill! What a mind-widening, heart-warming, ear-opening and soul-mending moment. To follow his genius mind into the realm of 97 keys, where all the trouble and joy of the world can be called at will by the magician who holds the key. He guides us deep into the secrets of the music he plays, far beyond the touching melodies, beyond the astounding agility, past whispering pianissimos and thundering fortissimos, to a place where the true spirit of the composer is awakened - larger than life - close enough to touch, right before our eyes.

When asked why he plays what he plays the way he plays it, Eduardo Rojas always has the same answer: "It's the colors that I am after. Nothing is more important than the colors." When we listen to him give life to the eternal works on his mighty Bösendorfer 290 "Imperial" we come to the startling realization, this man can make a concert grand piano not just sing, he can make it cry.


Music is Music is Music

Is there any format of music that is more deserving of the time and attention of a virtuoso musician than another? Are the big concertos of Classical and Romantic composers more rewarding to listen to than let's say Lieder or songs?

Eduardo Rojas thinks it is not so. He devotes himself to discover - and re-discover - an eclectic variety of compositions and arrangements, which he brings to life on stage as fireworks of sound that have become his much lauded trademark.

"Melodien aus dem Regenwald"

Apart from his frequent collaborations with conductors and orchestras to stage unforgettable concerto performances Rojas developed a very personal and intimate recital program, which he calls "Melodien aus dem Regenwald (Melodies from the Rainforest)". Great works of Latin composers Heitor Villa-Lobos, Ástor Piazzolla and others trade places with European icons like Beethoven, Rachmaninoff or Liszt to form a continent-spanning exchange of cultural treasures.


To unite European, North- and Latin-American traditions of music has been a life-long desire of mine.
Eduardo Rojas


Images and videos for your enjoyment

Video: Valentine's Day 2014

Ludwig v. Beethoven: Für Elise

Photo Gallery: Hip to be Square


Video: Live in Fort Worth, Texas

Joropo - Moisés Moleiro

Photo Gallery: Press Photos


Video: Live in Fort Worth, Texas

W. A. Mozart: Sonata in A minor, K. 310, 2nd mvmt

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